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Cancer treatment in our country is highly priced and majority of elders are not covered by any form of medical insurance. Therefore, the biggest challenge has been to provide sustained healthcare intervention for needy elderly cancer patients.

HelpAid India desires to provide palliative care to end-stage cancer patients in partnership with a number of credible and competent cancer hospitals and organizations. These partners can also conduct cancer awareness and cancer detection camps. Thus, from cancer detection and treatment, our partners will be able to deliver quality cancer care for elders in need of such intervention, including home visits post cancer treatment along with counselling for the patient and family.

HelpAid hopes to furnish direct care with innovative, evident- based services, providing training for medical fraternity regarding cancer screening and early diagnosis of cancer, designs programs that promote public health particularly among high-risk and undeserved population and disseminate innovative patient therapies and scientific discoveries to our target community.

HelpAid plans to provide free, professional support, services and information to help people manage the emotional, practical and financial challenges of cancer. Our advocacy efforts are focused on supporting and improving the lives of people affected by cancer, through treatment and beyond. Also to provide survivors with online tools to manage side effects from cancer treatment, cope with stress, improve healthy behaviours, communicate better with their health care teams, and ask for support from family and friends.

To support Cancer organizations, HelpAid  desires to raise money to maintain services and programs for people with cancer and their families. Consider getting involved in fundraising activities, such as races, golf tournaments, luncheons, dinners, plays, concerts and fashion shows.