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Natural Calamities/Disaster Relief

Being a disaster-prone country, India is highly vulnerable to various types of natural calamities/disasters due to its geographical positioning. According to the National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of India, more than 58% of the country’s landmass is prone to earthquakes and over 12% is prone to floods; close to 5,700kms out of the 7,516kms long coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis; while 68% of its cultivable area is prone to droughts.

Disaster risks in India are further compounded by increasing vulnerabilities related to changing demographics, socio-economic conditions- unplanned urbanization, development within high-risk zones, environmental degradation, climate change, and epidemics and pandemics. All these factors have created a situation where disasters seriously threaten the sustainable development of the country, besides innumerable lives and livelihoods. 17


HelpAid’s Service goal is considering disaster preparedness and response as a critical aspect of its organizational mandate and has been in the process of developing ‘Disaster Preparedness and Response Strategy’ in place.

HelpAid mainly focuses on:

  • Rescue & Medical Assistance.
  • Rehabilitation – Focusing on better Livelihoods.
  • ReliefHelpAid will tries to provide the affected families with immediate needs such as Dry Ration, Tarpaulin Sheets, Bed Kit, Relief Kit, Hygiene Kit, Educational Kits and Psychosocial Support for Children.