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HelpAid desires to offer a complete caring system by providing primary health care services to the homeless and poor communities. HelpAid plans to support children with special needs, children who have health related issues by providing essential amenities to survive. HelpAid hopes to organize various campaigns at Schools, Malls, Apartments & IT Parks to make people aware about social causes. The bad Effects of Junk Food on children, Importance of Hygiene for Healthy Life, Bad effects of Child labor on nation.

Most of the time, “orphans” are given up for a whole multitude of reasons — distance, illness, family breakdown – divorce, economic necessity, poverty — other than being orphaned. HelpAid, takes a different approach by encouraging volunteer tourisms, social work support, home based employment, daycare, respite care for parents trying hard to juggle family and economic demands. HelpAid hopes to offer new homes to orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children up to the age of ten who have lost their parents or who cannot live with them for various reasons.

HelpAid plans to support orphan children by providing them with the tools to become self-reliant, confident and emotionally stable when they come of age. HelpAid will care these children without looking caste, creed, religion etc. they all are children of God and they have right to live with dignity of a human person. HelpAid plans to offer service to the Young at Risk like – children living on the streets, child labourers, abandoned / orphaned children, victims of drug abuse, victims of child abuse, begging children, rag pickers.

We are a family, with the help of caring individuals and a lot of hard work, we wake up each day with the same goal to bring as much love to as many unwanted life’s as possible. We will never stop working towards a better future for the children in our care. It is quite honestly an honour to serve them. HelpAid is dedicated to the services of downtrodden deserted women, Orphan children and economically weaker people in the society.