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Over 4.5 billion people around the world lack access to adequate sanitation. Safe sanitation services give families dignity and promote community health by eliminating contamination of water supplies. Sanitation in India leaves much to be desired. Open sewers and clogged drains are a way of life in cities. This helps mosquitoes to breed, leading to diseases like dengue and chikungunya.

People having no civic sense ruin the beauty of the Country with lack of proper sanitation. People spit on roads. In many buildings, the walls are seen to be spattered with betel leaf stains. Urinating and defecating in public are common. Trash overflows onto the streets as people just leave their garbage on the roads. This is the typical scenario in most Indian cities.

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HelpAid’s Service goal is to focus on educating children, youth about the basics of hygiene and cleanliness, which has to be followed to keep our environment safe. HelpAid plans to organize programs in schools and educate children to preserve their surroundings cleanly.

HelpAid is aiming to provide affordable options for materials to build bathrooms and safe waste management services for families who cannot afford. For this to happen, HelpAid is planning to empower sanitation entrepreneurs like masons and pit latrine emptier throughout the sanitation value chain. We are desiring to partner with microfinance institutions to provide families with loans to build bathrooms and work with communities to reduce open defecation rates, creating behaviour change around sanitation practices.