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HelpAid desires to provide aid to old age and widow homes with the main objective of providing succour and care for the old and widows. HelpAid seeks to provide comfortable, clean and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities with nursing and medical care. It’s an experiment in community living where every member is made to feel at home without the impersonal atmosphere of an old age and widow home.


HelpAid seeks and supports purpose-built care homes offering elderly/ widow residential, nursing and geriatric care. HelpAid assistance has been furnished by our professional team to an exceptionally high standard, providing elegance, comfort and first-class services. HelpAid seeks homes to be filled with love, care, dignity, kindness and blessings.

HelpAid is a charitable organization, with a noble cause of providing shelter and support to old age citizens. The core concept is to provide selfless service to disadvantaged persons and bring difference in their lives. It ensures a decent and respectable life for the disadvantaged senior citizens/widows which was seized from them by their near ones.

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Our Vision and Mission: (Old Age Homes)

Vision: A society where elders are healthy, happy, empowered and socially integrated as part of our communities.

Mission: To enhance the quality of life of elders through innovative and appropriate community-based support systems, comprehensive geriatric care with special focus on dementia and active ageing, combating elder abuse, skill development, economic empowerment, public education, advocacy and capacity-building programs.

Many young people in India are migrating to different cities either within India or abroad to pursue further education or in pursuit of their careers, leaving behind their old aged parents at home. The number of such families where all the children have left and only the older parents staying at home is increasing day by day.

HelpAid plans to work for the people of old age, children and womens welfare. Laying emphasis on the unity and togetherness of family, HelpAid serves the people of all castes, creed, and economic backgrounds (“we do not discriminate”). It hopes to give shelter on a permanent or temporary basis to the elder who needs homely care and women looking for a ceiling over their heads and offers education to their children.

We work on providing the most fundamental amenities any human should be receiving. We have destitute women, widows, divorcees, senior citizens those who were neglected by their kith and kin. We also help to provide shelter to orphan kids who were dejected by their parents. We also aid in taking care of their food, medicines and other necessities so they get through their life more conveniently. We induce hope in the lives of those who would have lost all hopes! We also encourage frequent prayers, meditation and trips to close by places for the elderly to keep them refreshed, happy and energized.


HelpAid emphasizes on the personal and social needs and requirements of senior citizens. HelpAid helps in providing a quality and respectful living conditions for senior citizens with the help of qualified professionals and volunteers with a dream to nurture each other’s growth in a spirit of commitment, trust and transparency. We encourage creating a friendly, caring and family like atmosphere for the elderly people, where they can share their joys and sorrows and live happily ever after.


• Supports a home more than just a shelter
• Extending comfort, love and warmth
• Accepting people from all backgrounds
• Affiliated with top funding organizations

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